Summer Session begins June 15th:

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Julianne Moore

“Peter . . . is responsible for creating the kind of actor I am today. He taught me how to truly take risks in my work, invest authentically in my characters . . .

The method that Peter taught is still one that I use today – he gave me the tools to access, emotionally and intellectually, very dense material."

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"Always constructive, specific and imagination-based."

Summer Session begins June 15th


1Sunday Nights (SB)
An advanced workshop where the ultimate goals are to release self-imposed limitations and get comfortable with experimentation in concept, preparation, rehearsal and performance. Formats for experimentation include improv, monologues, scenes and, in final weeks, experimentation on camera with playback.

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2Monday Nights (LA)
Actors go from strength to strength in order to “market” themselves as a complete, castable acting package. Employ your “look” and your strengths to your advantage every time. Any habit, propensity or limitation to fulfilling your ability to be cast or be brilliant must go!

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3Tuesday Nights (SB)
The revolutionary approach to character emotional life employing the power of the actor’s imagination to create vibrant, lasting images and feelings. These images and feelings support, enliven, and deepen character choices. You experience the character’s experiences. Creates powerful, compelling performances.

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4Thursday Nights (SB)
Acting on impulse in the now. Being compelled to respond from pure awareness, from intense looking and listening. Acting from necessity in the moment. Behavior that happens, not behavior that is planned. Only what is true in the moment has importance.

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Photo Credits: Timothy John Plog, Stanislava Photography, Jessica Rao